Who Is Morgan Bosman?

Photo: Brad Moore

Morgan Bosman is the "soul-drenched songstress" making her way in the music world. Accompanied by her band, she is the jazzy-soul vocalist to watch. Hailing from St. Louis and currently based in Nashville, Morgan's inspirations stem from the likes of Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Ella Fitzgerald just to name a few. Her influences are what give her a memorable voice exuding deep, soulful melodies complimented by sweet jazz, R&B and gospel roots.

In 2014, Morgan was the winner of Nashville's Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands. Her song, Notice Me, has also been featured in American Songwriter's Magazine where she was presented as the Daily Discovery artist and interviewed by SongSpace.

Morgan has been featured in SingersRoomHello Beautiful Magazine, Bronze Magazine, and Break on a Cloud. Her debut, self-titled EP was released in 2015 on Bandcamp.

Check out her newly released single "Runaway feat. THC, tchr." (2017) and music video now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, and more.